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April 2012

Snowdon Blue is a book launched by Acne Studios in line with a shirt collection inspired by Lord Snowdons famous sittings. Head of Brand and Image at Acne, Johannes Svartholm got Christian in to help designing a limited edition book and print box. We love this project!
March 2011Acne Paper Issue No. 13, BODY, Spring 2012 now available! Once again very proud to be part of it! Art Director: Johannes Svartholm, Designer: Christian Altmann.
July 2011Acne Paper Issue No. 12, YOUTH, Summer 2011 has hit the shelves! Art Directed by Johannes Svartholm, Designed by CA.
June 2011 AA will be featured in the fourth issue of Cap and Design (2011/4) about redesigning the graphic profile for Kronan Trademark AB. How exciting to discuss such a well known swedish brand and show how we modernised it in collaboration with the client. The interview will take place before the summer break and be published in September 2011, if eveyrthing goes well. Fingers crossed!
March 2011 After tutoring a workshop at the MA course School of Architecture, Umeå (UMA) CA was commissioned to design the courses year book. We are delighted and are looking forward to an exciting project!
February 2011 CA writes Tips and Tricks article about designing typographic book covers based on the book 'Basic Graphic Design Exercises by Future Nordic Design. IDG Cap and Design. Other articles such as 'The black Square' and 'Recycling Car Symbols' have been featured in Cap and Designs October 2010 issue and the upcoming March 2011 issue.
January 2011 AA lists Kronan Trademark AB to its new client roster. We are looking forward to a great future working relationship!
December 2010 AA designs internal staff book for Avanade Stockholm. Avanade is part of Accenture and Microsoft.
October 2010 AA designs new website for Forsbergs School of Advertising and Design. Programming and maintenance by Triggerfish and the schools admin team.
April 2010 CA's book on Basic Exercises in Graphic Design published by Future Nordic Design is out now and available at Konstig or directly from Forsbergs School of Advertising and Design. It is a must for every student in the country and very inspirational for practising Graphic Designers.

February 2010

A set of pen drawings by CA are being featured in the book 1D – The First Dimension / Drawing and Perception – A Workbook for Designers by Birkhäuser Publishers.
August 2009 A selection of our work will be featured in a new book from Arvinius Förlag called Nordic Graphic Designers, which presents a selected group of creatives and creative studios from Sweden, Danmark and Norway. Book release is planned later in the year.
January 2009 The Tram and Bus project (Mobile Design Gallery) for the Polish Transportation System was chosen for Graphic Design of 01.01.2009 in the Design and Design Book of the Year.
October 2008 Umeå Institute of Design invites CA to teach a one week workshop on Basics in Graphic Design and Typography to the Masters Class in Interaction Design.
September 2008 The book Occupying Time by Ramia Mazé was chosen for Graphic Design of 31.08.2008 in the Design and Design Book of the Year.
April 2008 CA invited to The 2nd Edition of Book Design Lectures, Centre for the Contemporary Art Warsaw. Organized by The Association of Designers of Applied Graphics Other lectures were held by Janusz Gorski, Andrzej Tomaszewski, Henrik Nygren as well as Matilda Plöjel.
May 2008 CA speaks at the European Design Conference to the theme of ‘3D + 2D A interdisciplinary approach’.
October 2007 The Stockholm screening of Gary Hustwits documentary ‘Helvetica’ invites CA in panel discussion at Cinema Park in Stockholm together with Matilda Plöjel, Laurie Haycock Makela, Henrik Nygren and Dennis Dahlqvist (presenter).
August 2007 Awarded Merit for self promotional card of Propeller Design European Design Awards 2007.
November 2004 Group exhibition of 26 Letters, Illuminating the Alphabet ISTD/26 at the British Library

November 2004

Awarded Book entry for The Show 2003 of the Royal College of Arts. British Design and Art Directors Club (D+AD)
May 2004 Twenty five years of CDT Design. Lecture and Portfolio Viewing at Notthingham Trent University
August 2003 Awarded Member of the International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) In recognition of typographic achievement
August 1997 Awarded Poster of the Month/DSR (German Poster Society). For ‘Ergindwon’ Admitted to the permanent collection of the German Poster Museum.